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New Anti-Phishing Service

Phishing is a strategy used by hackers to lure users to open links and attachments sent via email or SMS/text to steal their personal information. Deceptive techniques are used such as fake web pages which look similar to legitimate sites making them easy to believe and follow.  User's are typically asked to enter login or personal information which hackers then use to steal information.

You can check your email, text messages, screenshots or QR-codes to verify if they are contain or would redirect you to phishing sites/content.

You will need to update your app to access this new feature.  Visit the app store(iOS) or google play store(android) and tap update to get access to this feature.  The service is simple to use and you can access it by tapping menu, then tapping "phishing validator" or via the homescreen.

Follow the instructions for each type of message you wish to check. You will receive in-app notifications in minutes as to whether the the messages/content you submitted contain any malicious links.

Sincerely, Surance cyber team.

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