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Keyboard and Mouse

Six simple steps
to improve your home cyber security

Step 1

Download and Install


Download the app from your mobile application store.

You can find the links here:

Once the installation of the application has been done, please follow the below guidelines.



Step 2

Please enter your Phone Number.

Look out for your verification code in your cellphone messages.

Enter the 6-digits code and continue.


Step 3

Registration - continued

Enter your policy ID number, make sure that you put in the correct numbers.

Our system will give you a verification to continue if your policy is valid.

Give Cyberman365 the required permission in order to get your application working.


Device Scan

Step 4

The first scan you are required to perform is

Device Scan.

Press on the button - "Scan your phone to find vulnerabilities."

The scan will tell you whether there are some tasks you should perform in order to keep your device at the highest security level.


Network Scan

Step 5

We are going to scan your home network (Wi-Fi) in order to find vulnerabilities.

Press on the button - "Run the first Home Wi-Fi Network Scan"

Select your up to date wireless network.

Enter your ZIP code.

Complete the required tasks (Further information in the 6th step).


Complete Tasks

Step 6

After the initial scans, the system is evaluating the weaknesses of the devices that are connected to the home network and giving recommendations (tasks).


In order to complete tasks go to your Home screen, and there you will see the tasks.

Critical Security Tasks - RED.

Important Security Tasks - Orange.

Security Improvement - Yellow.

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